Art film | Fantasy | 1 min | HDSLR

Part 1 of the 12 part project called "The 12 Creatures of the Zodiac" by Atelier Ida Astero.


Art Film | Fantasy | 3 min | DSLR

Art Film inspired by Ida Astero's character creation 'Magma'.


Art Film | Drama | 4 min | 5D

Nemesis - Goddess of Vengeance


Showreel | Wellefilms | April | 2013

Clips from the following productions: Into the Flame, Unsent Letters, Talisman, Tortura, Cell, Remembrance, Perfect Robbery, Black Keys, Third Hemisphere, Ease Your Pain.

Unsent Letters

Short Film | Drama | 21 | Sony F3

It’s two days before Christmas in the big city. Four individuals with different reasons are all desperately trying to send a letter. But little do they realize, that circumstance and fate will have their paths crossing, unknowingly altering each other’s future.

Into The Flame

Short Film | Thriller | 20 min | Alexa

Into the Flame is about a family of 3, who go into a respite home after being involved in a dangerous home fire. No live flames are allowed in the respite home, which makes them feel at ease. In the cold and rain one night, the father comes inside with his lit cigarette and the family discovers the hard way why no flames are allowed.

3rd Hemisphere

Music Video | Theme Song | 5 min | 7D

Sub Radiation

Commercial | SVA Magazine | 2 min | 5D

Winner "Best Model" - Oslo Trend Fashion Film Festival 2013


Winner "Best Hair & Make Up" - Oslo Trend Fashion Film Festival 2013


Nominee "Best Plot" - Oslo Trend Fashion Film Festival 2013

Ease Your Pain

Music Video | Imbalance | 5 min | 5D

Music Video for Imbalance's song "Ease Your Pain", from the album "Period Three Implies Chaos".


Short Film | Drama | 15 min | 7D

The power to take people's pain away comes at a price. Will one man save the girl of his dreams, if it means risking his own life?



Short Film | Thriller/Horror | 8 min | 7D

One question.

One answer.

Pain will reveal the Secret.





Black Keys

Music Video | Brianna C. | 4 min | 5D

Music Video for Brianna Carpenter's song "Black Keys", from her album "Harlequin".


Official Screenings at


Dungog Film Festival

Tucson Film & Music Festival

Great Dreams Start Small

Commercial | Griffith | 1 min | 16 mm

A commercial for Griffith University's department 'Queensland College of Arts', for film, design and music students.


All children dream. For some, their dream becomes a real passion they pursure later in life. For three children dreaming about music, design and film, the Queensland College of Arts will be the perfect stepping stone.


'Best-of-All-Entries' Nomination at the Porsche Student Advertising Award in Germany, 2010.

Death's Secret

Short Film | Drama | 8 min | 16mm BW

Anya dreams of having a family with her husband. After a week of illness, Anya is visited by Death himself, and she will not like the message he brings.



Short Film | Horror | 10 min | HD

An imprisoned man is haunted by flashbacks to his crimes, and the ghosts of his victims. Unbeknownst to himself, he has damned himself to eternal hell.

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